onsdag den 13. juni 2018


Hell yea. Its Summer in Denmark, and we should all be out on our bikes.

Picture from me and Peters scouting trip on the section around Jylland

Some of the last corrections are still being made on the route, and will continue until the very last month before departure.

Riders are beginning to write me, some with a "IM GONNA DO THIS", others with questions that hopefully will get them to the starting line in august.

The list of 100% riders are small, but from what I saw last year, we normally have a small rise in numbers in the last 2 months.

So atm we are 5 riders, so still room for another 5-10 riders (I have my limit on 15 riders so this is never gonna get out of hand.. )

My friend Erik, from komud.dk tested a good part of our falster and møn parts this spring. Check out the video photos and comments on this page: https://komud.dk/cykeltur-falster-til-lyngby-via-moen-og-stevns-mikroeventyr-cykeltur/
Its in Danish... but pictures should still work in other countries ;)

The rest of the pages here will get an update soon, with names and more details about our route/track

Cheers Casper

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