So, the route is meant to take you from the main Denmark's most eastern point to the south, onto the almost highest, and all the way up to the north tip. Giving you a full experience in what and how Denmark look.

We start out just East of Copenhagen, at Dragør, and will be riding on gravel, and pavement, 70% of the time. The last 30% is mainly singeltrack, hikingtrails and a bit of sand.

Length: 1400km / 855 Miles
Height meters: very low
Ferries: 4, all very small, so keep an eye on timetable

The route is mainly made on the computer from home, but i have been out riding around 95% of the track.

There will be places where you are riding a hiking trail. Be a good sport and make room for others enjoying the nature.

Concerning the trail going from the Lild Strand (marked with a small circle on the map above) and all the way to the finish, it is aloud to leave the route and use the beach instead. But bare in mind, it might be nice a smooth where you are now, and HAB'ing just around the corner. if you later on wanna leave the beach, just simply head to the track at the nearest point from the position on the beach.

Links to the Ferrie's
Bøjden - Als

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