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What are the Rules:

Its preatty basic.

Its all about doing the hole route as fast as possible, when the time starts in Dragør (start point east of Copenhagen), it doesn't stop until you reach Skagen (North tip of Jutland) (Note: see bottom of this page)

But since we all ride our bikes with different intentions, I made a list of some of the main things.

  1. Follow the track... the hole track. If you have to leave it.. get back where you left it.
    an exception to this is the Beach route on the West coast of Jutland.(see the note under "Route")
  2. Do it solo. Yea you can ride with a friend, but you cant share anything or depend on each other, including, NO DRAFTING.
  3. All commercially services are approved, so you can shop at the supermarket, rent a hotel room, etc. But no, you cant take the bus, cant have your friend open his house for you, have you mom stand ready with pizza..
  4. If you get a mechanical problem, see rule 1.
  5. If you see another rider or a anyone else in need of your 1. aid help or likewise... you should ofcource do so, this isnt the olympics.
  6. Dont be a dick, some of the places we go are ment for Hikers, so share the trail.
  7. Dont leave your shit around, your Marsbar has enough energy in it for you to carry the trash all the way to the next time you pass a trashcan.

  • If it feels like you are cheating.. I bet you are.

An Extra little twist.

On the night of the first day, there will be a camp where the time stops.

So when you get there (you wont be in doubt, the route will go right past it, and someone will be there) your time stops, and it doesnt start until next morning at 06.00.

It isn't mandatory to stop here, but going for a long night and sleeping solo later that day wont give any credit on your timesheet.

After the 1. night its all gametime until you set foot on skagen.

The location of the camps will be shown on a map at the diner night and before departure in Dragør.
But the first distance will be around 166km to make the camp.

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