torsdag den 4. juli 2019

Final call...

Yep.. another day, and im closing the list of this years riders, and going on holiday.

When i get back ill have a mail for all the riders with the final info. !!

Have a great summer.

fredag den 7. juni 2019

Can I still make it ?!

Yes.. there is still time..

The blog did say something about a last commitment date around the start of June, but im happy to inform im extending that until I myself go on hollyday at the 5. of Juli...

So one month to make up your mind.. ;)

Here is Jimmy on one of my scouting trips to get the route juuust so ! :D

lørdag den 12. januar 2019

2019 will happen.. you should come and give it a Go

The date for the 2019 edition will start the 30. of august.

Time, place and all that will be updatet on the blog asap.

It will have the same requirements vs payment as last year, and same rules.

The route, will have a hole new sections. Nothing will be official until late Juli, where the GXP files will go out to the peeps that wrote me a mail to participate. (and payed)

The new section will remove some of the west coast riding, and give us some more of the danish rolling hills, and there might even be the best Vista, in Denmark, on the new section....

Hope you all made it well into the new year, and got the pedals rolling...

Feel free to jump onto the Facebook group and ask questions, or write me... either way works ..

Cheers Casper

tirsdag den 17. juli 2018

Last edit's and then we are Good To GOOOO

My last edit's are in the making, some small fixes has to be done, but then its go time...

Im damn sure the file will be in the mails on friday. Later I will upload a split file also (since the file will be more than 10.000 points, and alot GPS's wont be able to work with that).
A bit of data, but its not realtime HM, soooo......
So, if anyone are still in the thoughts of doing this, I need to know NOW...

What else is there... not a hole lot.. just hope the weather keeps up like atm, and we are gonna have a blast.

onsdag den 13. juni 2018


Hell yea. Its Summer in Denmark, and we should all be out on our bikes.

Picture from me and Peters scouting trip on the section around Jylland

Some of the last corrections are still being made on the route, and will continue until the very last month before departure.

Riders are beginning to write me, some with a "IM GONNA DO THIS", others with questions that hopefully will get them to the starting line in august.

The list of 100% riders are small, but from what I saw last year, we normally have a small rise in numbers in the last 2 months.

So atm we are 5 riders, so still room for another 5-10 riders (I have my limit on 15 riders so this is never gonna get out of hand.. )

My friend Erik, from tested a good part of our falster and møn parts this spring. Check out the video photos and comments on this page:
Its in Danish... but pictures should still work in other countries ;)

The rest of the pages here will get an update soon, with names and more details about our route/track

Cheers Casper

søndag den 11. marts 2018


Don't forget our facebook group:

It might be the easy way to ask questions, or talk to others that wanna join in.

lørdag den 13. januar 2018

News for the 2018 version.

Here we go... 17/8-18 9.00

The second edition of the Denmark Across route is getting ready for your adventure this summer, and we have grown a bit this year.
1350km of awesome country views.

Ill drop a post later with a lot more about the new route, but for now, here are some primary things about it.

Some sections have been swapped, and a lot of tarmac has been removed and replaced by gravel and track. Other sections where we barely could walk last year have been moved to more doable tracks.

We are still going to have mud, water, sand, and gravel, but I hope it’s in a nice mix.

Here is an idea of how it’s going to be compared to last year (2017: Yellow, 2018: Red)

Some rules is gonna be changed too. 

1. One is that the two first days of stage rules are reduced to only being the first day.

So we are only going to have a neutral camp on a specific spot, pointed out by me later. Same rule as last year. The clock stops when you arrive, and starts the next day at 0600. It’s permitted to skip the camp, but you will NOT be given any time reduction. We will have a nice party at the Smile Camp, so you won’t want to miss out.

2. The permitted beach option will be reduced by some kilometers...
The rule does not go for the whole stretch of the west coast. The Beach option is only permitted from Lidl strand to Skagen/finish. There is simply too much nice riding inland that I don’t want people to miss.
So, the same as last year, but for 2018, you cannot ride the beach until Lidl Strand, from there you can swap between the track and the beach. Always going in a straight line between the two when swapping.

3. You remember the "It’s a Cost-Free Race" remark from last year? That one is gone.. and then again no.
For the 2018 riders there will be a 750,- dkr fee to pay (100,-€/120$), but for the true riders this amount will be given back, on the 4. day.
And why this ?
Due to the rider limit, there will only be room for riders that actually are on the start line.
So if you want to go, you got to show me some commitment with this payment.
No shows, will have lost the money, and I’ll be swimming in all the Beers I’m spending the money on. 
If we have no-shows before the start, we might even have a small feast in the Camp on the first day.

4. LOI, is going to be a real LOI (Letter of Intent).
No more "Ill like to go" letters.
I want a reason why. !
No letter, no ride.

(Nominating yourself on the Facebook event means nothing.. that thing is only made to advertise for the start day)

Still wanna go ? Here is how to get a spot (and there are not alot of them)

Write me a mail, with your LOI. (
Then I’ll (hopefully) reply, with a "Hell YEA", and some bank info.
When the payment is done, I’ll put you on the 2018 list, and let you know !

The list is open from now on until the 30. Juli

Easy right?... then get to it !

Note. The rest of the site is updated.