torsdag den 4. juli 2019

Final call...

Yep.. another day, and im closing the list of this years riders, and going on holiday.

When i get back ill have a mail for all the riders with the final info. !!

Have a great summer.

fredag den 7. juni 2019

Can I still make it ?!

Yes.. there is still time..

The blog did say something about a last commitment date around the start of June, but im happy to inform im extending that until I myself go on hollyday at the 5. of Juli...

So one month to make up your mind.. ;)

Here is Jimmy on one of my scouting trips to get the route juuust so ! :D

lørdag den 12. januar 2019

2019 will happen.. you should come and give it a Go

The date for the 2019 edition will start the 30. of august.

Time, place and all that will be updatet on the blog asap.

It will have the same requirements vs payment as last year, and same rules.

The route, will have a hole new sections. Nothing will be official until late Juli, where the GXP files will go out to the peeps that wrote me a mail to participate. (and payed)

The new section will remove some of the west coast riding, and give us some more of the danish rolling hills, and there might even be the best Vista, in Denmark, on the new section....

Hope you all made it well into the new year, and got the pedals rolling...

Feel free to jump onto the Facebook group and ask questions, or write me... either way works ..

Cheers Casper