torsdag den 29. august 2019

Its just about time to gogo...

In a matter of hours the few, but freaking awesome riders are arriving at my place, for a nice little track-info and BBQ before the departure tomorrow at 09.00

My bike is getting more ready than ever, and i cant wait to get going. I wont be riding the first day, but will meet them at the first (and only) Fixed camp after 135km.
For that reason Im of course not to be counted as a "participant" for the finish time, but just a Race Director on route enjoying myself.

If any of you wanna see how we are doing you can check the facebook where the riders will be uploading some pictures from 5 check points

We are also riding with Spotwalla's page to show where we are. Its not 100% reliable, but it gives a idea of the process. The map is also under the TRACK page here on the Blog

Spotwalla page:
Facebook page:

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