onsdag den 10. juni 2020

With covid around.. will we have a start this year anyway ?

Yeah.. even with the Covid going around, we are still on for the 2020 edition...

Will it be safe ? Well.. its up to you.. we kinda ride solo anyway, and so the fear of any spread will be to the normal minimum. Depending on the situation, we might chancel the meet and greet the day before departure.. but more on that later.

Atm we only have one rider at the start of this years trip, but we hope to get a few more.. let me know with your LoI mail ... (found on this blog). 

The trail is close to the same as last year, with the few errors from last year, corrected. So we are around 1400km.

So.. wanna do something epic???.. 

Join in on all the fun !!

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