onsdag den 30. august 2017

Done.. and Done !!!!

Yeasterday at 12.30 the last bike roled into Skagen, and this years edition of Denmark Across, has ended.

We had some riders cancel the last days, one that didnt show (must have been scared of the challenge).
But on the morning of th. 18 (a little belated, im still sorry about that) 8/9 riders started out. Some for the first time on a Bikepacking adventure, some more battle tested, but all with a huge smile.

Now sitting here in my chair, im really happy about the outcome of the work put into the track.
We had some crazy sections, some heavy HAB sections, some very nice and fast tarmac, and some Beautiful views from the gravel. Basically we had it all.  Even the weather showed us all sides. Rain, sun, Tailwind.. and alot of headwind (loved how the wind swapped every time the general direction of the track swapped... )

Ill like to thank the riders for the effort of going the distance even when a fence was put up, or the track was following a stream instead of the trail.. or when there is a train track made and we have to divert.
Some didn't make it all the way to Skagen, but put a full effort into the race, and for that a Huge thx. Here the goal isn't always to get to the finish line, but to figure out how far one person can get.
Im pretty sure a handful of the riders had a Huge learning curve on the first days...

For the Riders making it all the way, ill need a GPX file from you to make your official time, (send to my mail)

And for the few still having the tracker at home, plz get it to me at home or at the shop. Asap !

Route status atm.. v.2 has already begone. Will I see you next year ?

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