søndag den 22. oktober 2017

2018 Edition

Yes, we are gonna be ready once again next summer, date is yet to be set, but friday 17th. of august are looking very likely.

And yes there will be some changes to the route, some tarmac will be swapped for more gravel, and some of the mud and HAB parts will be removed.

Will the first days of stage rules apply ? Yea, but again, some small changes will come.

FotoCredit: Jakob Carlsen
How to join in ?
Well. around the new year the site will get a total update with the new route, rules and idea's.
And thats when its possible to apply for a spot on the race-event.

Since the event has a limit to it, it will be a "why should I be able to join in" letter that need to be mailed to me.. but not until the new year :)
For now.. go ride your bike.. you deserve it !

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